10 Jobs that did not Exist 20 Years ago
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10 Jobs that did not Exist 20 Years ago

Have you ever thought that the work you are doing today did not exist a couple of years ago? And thanks to the advance of new technologies, the labor market has been adapted according to the demands of the user.

Here 10 jobs that did not exist 10 years ago, you will be surprised:

  1. Specialist in Digital Marketing: and here I join the list because when I started my hands in PR, digital marketing was heard very far, well it was a subject that was spoken little and was expected a lot. According to the chart on the left, this type of positions in the labor market has grown 17 times. Thanks to technology for this great job!
  2. Specialist in cloud services: and still not so famous, but without those great beings loving data storage, we could not operate many of the functions that today we need in a company. And of course, the pioneers in introducing this type of jobs were Amazon and Salesforce.com.
  3. The classic beach coach/animator: and is that the travelers, especially the “all inclusive” love this type of services when they are on vacation. Without a doubt a new job.
  4. Big Data Architect: And you will surely wonder, and what is it that you eat with? They are in charge of everything related to the design, creation, development and maintenance of the information architecture of a company. They are the ones who decide, how they are going to store and consume the information of the company towards different departments. Without a doubt an excellent job, today without them we could not live.
  5. UI / UX Designer: designers who make the information we receive more interesting and intuitive.
  6. Data scientist: they are an important part of a company, as they create and analyze information that is generated online.
  7. Social Networking Fellow: and thanks to them we can enjoy videos and interesting content on facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the other social media platforms.
  8. Zumba Instructor: and it is impressive to see how throughout the world, Zumba classes have become the bread of every day. This work has grown by 396 times in recent years.
  9. Android Developer: Android is the platform that supports Google for cell phones, this platform has improvements and new applications on a regular basis, it is for this reason the demand for these types of posts.
  10. IOS Developer: Since Apple announced its first iPhone in 2007, the need to develop new applications will always exist. And is that Apple has been dedicated to improving and improving this product that today it is one of the most demanded by users.

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