How to see your media plan in 2018

How to see your media plan in 2018

Have you are already planned how your media plan will look in 2018? What is worth investing in and how to invest it are the two main questions that ComScore Try to solve for us marketeers.

Consumer preference for online videos is higher than ever. According to a study conducted by ComScore, shows that adults are 30% more likely to watch online videos vs television shows. Is your media plan ready for it?

Because if videos online are the priority of your target audience, then it should be part of your media plan. And not only that, here we tell you 5 factors on which you must base your media plan.

1 – They prefer online video platform than watching television 
The popularity of online videos continues to grow, adults prefer 30% more online video platforms than watching television. And it is surprising since in the generation of millennials that number jumps up to 105%.

2- Users prefer YouTube when it comes to short and long videos
Online users prefer to watch both short and long videos on YouTube followed by Netflix with only 29%.

3- Users take action when it comes to video Ads, especially if they are short content
Online video has forever changed the media landscape since more than half of the users often see videos of short formats (such as brand content or viral videos) and not only that, two-thirds of the generation of Millennials watch short videos on a weekly basis. This is good news for millions of brands as according to the ComScore study, it is said that viewers are more likely to make decisions after seeing a short format ad, compared to traditional content (such as movies and television shows ). The adoption of measures could include sharing in social networks, looking for more information on the advertised brand, the recommendation of the brand or product, etc.

4- Users prefer branded videos made by users
While it is a fact that the favorite to watch short and long videos is Youtube. But, did you know that what they prefer are videos made by other users?

This study shows that 74% of adults prefer to watch videos of other users, and it is not surprising users believe much more in the recommendations and comments of the “other.”

5- The profile of the great users of Youtube may surprise you
The final part of the study evaluated who are really the “Groupie” of YouTube and what is their profile. And these were the results: many of them are parents, they live in cities and 49% of them are women. While this is a study that focuses on US users, it is important to review the numbers and compare them with what is happening in our country and know where we are going. And you, are you ready for this new challenge?

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